August and September Overview News letter

Dear Friends and Family        

           I am writing this blog to let you know that the Lord Jesus Christ is good and that everything over here in Lagos is doing well. God has blessed me with the honor of operation a church about three weeks ago on the 26th of Aug. we had our first service on that day at The Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Church Lagos branch and it has been a growing church ever since. We have had two people gave their lives to Christ on the 27th and we have been praying for mutable people and seeing God move in their lives ever since.  Amen.

            The month of August was a busy but blessed month of traveling, evangelizing and building between Here in Lagos and Ekwulobia in the eastern Nigeria area. For while we were traveling to the east to start a church branch in Ekwulobia we had an association ceremony at a College out of Benin for they themselves were a Baptist bible college. The owner of the college and Prof. Gamaliel Onyeka Onyemaobi were good friends and in fact the owner of the college was one of the main people that encouraged Prof.Gamaliel to go further in to his biblical studies. So we went there and gave them a certificate of Association with the University of America Divinity School so that the students there can receive a higher degree and that degree will be recognized in the US and throughout the world. This also allows them to travel to the US or four other major countries to finish out there studies and get a degree or even a masters or Doctorates that will be recognized around the world. Amen.

            When we got to Ekwulobia we went to the hotel and checked in for the night since it was already late and the follow morning we took a look at the new church building. It had a lot of potential, a little paint and good old fashion TLC and it would be a great place for a church. That day we took one of the ministers their and went to the market and Prof. Gamaliel bought a sound system that would help get them started. The following day the inside of the building got painted and the backstage backdrop curtains were put up and everything else that needed to be gathered together was put into place. On that Sunday they had their first service in the new building for they had already been gathering at one of the Pastors Home. Darning the service the Power of God moved. From the opening prayer to the baby dedication, to the message and even darning the prayer time for everyone got prayed for that needed prayer and some even got delivered and set free. Amen.

            When we got back from the eastern Nigeria area we continued searching for a building for the church in Lagos and living quarters since we have been moving from Hotel to hotel all this time. We had already located a place for the U.A. of science and technology and were looking around for a building for the church. Within a few days we found a place off of 2nd Ave in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria and started the maintenance process while we were still out visiting other churches and evangelizing to the potential members of the church.

            On the 18th we went back to Benin to go to a church service that we were invited to minister at. It was a Powerful service and talking about that one service in itself could be an entire blog which I will soon go into detail. Amen

            When we got back to Lagos we put all our focus on getting the new church build and living quarters into shape. By then it was the 20th of August. So we finely got the building painted, all the electrical fixed, it cleaned and all the other details that need to be done. So on that following Saturday we visited a church in Lagos that was conducting a wedding and Professor Gamaliel gave a message at the wedding on how to have a God filled relationship. The power of God was there and even I myself learned a lot about what it means to have a true relationship with my future wife. Amen.

            The Following day we had our first service at The Jesus Christ of Nazareth Church Lagos Branch and again the power of God moved throughout the service. Since then our focus has been on building up the ministry here in Festac Town and conducting services and the power of God Continues to move through out each service. Amen

            That’s all for now, I will soon go into more detail about each service and event that took place during the months of August and September but until then may God Bless you and keep you. I will write to you soon to keep giving you the good news that God is doing out here in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria. If you would like to contact us or me, Please see the “Contact us” page for more information.  God Bless, Pastor Joseph Dence.

Fund Raising For Our Trip to Logas, Nigeria

Dear Family and Friends

                Greetings to you and I’m praying that everything is well with you and your families.

            I am writing this blog to let you know that I am getting ready to head out to Logos, Nigeria on a one year missions trip to start a church. It is in the south west region of the country and is known for its trading docks and shipping freight across the continent of Africa. Going to Africa is something that’s been on my heart to do since two thousand eight and is now finally coming to pass. Amen.

            I am also writing to let you know that my family and The Jesus Christ of Nazareth Church it having a fund raiser event on July 7 from 10am – 2pm in preparation for the trip and would like to invite you to the event to come and fellowship with us as we prepare for the great task that’s in front of us. Please see the flyer attached for more info.

            If you would like to contact me or get updates about the trip while I am out there you can log on to my web site and sign up to get monthly updates and emails from me and the church. Once you open up the web page, on the top right hand side you should find a place to sign up at, to receive monthly emails. See contact info below for web site information.

Thank you for all that you guys do and hope to hear from you soon. May God bless you abundantly and may you dwell in His peace forever.


Joseph A. Dence

To see Flyer please click Here: Fundraising event to Africa

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